100 DAYS

100 days of joy. 100 days of learning. 100 days away from the rat race. 100 days of Amelie Gretchen.

If you’ve visited this blog before, you’ll be used to my posts about travel and my adventures on ‘the Island’. But 100 days ago (possibly a few more – depending on when I post this!) the greatest adventure of my life began. MOTHERHOOD. Yes you have to write it in ALL CAPS. It also helps if you say it while waving your arms above your head. That’s the sort of terror and fear and excitement I felt 100 days ago.

So, let’s start at the beginning. Or perhaps let’s start a long time ago in a galaxy far away. Amelie Gretchen was born on Star Wars day. May the 4th. You know, May the 4th be with you. (This had to be explained to me, as I’ve never watched a Star War movie, or even been tempted to.) But my significant other and his Star Wars tattooed younger brother seemed to be quite excited about this coincidence. Boys….

Right, now that that’s out of the way, let me introduce you to our new arrival. Amelie Gretchen. Here’s the picture we shared with our online friends and family to announce her.

Amelie Gretchen Announcement

Before you have a child you think why can’t parents stop talking about their damn babies. But then you become a parent and you’ll find sentences coming out of your mouth like, “She’s the next Einstein, she can fit her whole hand inside her mouth.” Or “I bet that she’s going to be a ballerina, she can grab things with her toes like a monkey.” Or “ She’s the prettiest baby the world has ever seen, and I should know because I spent 42 hours pushing her out. So she damn well better be!” And it doesn’t matter whom you’re telling it to either, I’ve found myself telling total strangers.

That’s the joy of MOTHERHOOD. This little thing with tiny hands and tiny feet and a cute bald patch at the back of her head (because her neck muscles are rubbish) is the most amazing adventure you can ever have. And I can’t quite put into words why or how, but dammit, she’s my Everest. That’s how all consuming it is.

So that’s the roundabout way of saying I haven’t blogged in awhile. Now look at how amazing my baby girl is:

Amelie's first weddingShe has an extra big smile because she doesn’t have any teeth. Apparently those come later.


She looks super cute when she’s sleeping. This is also called ‘Mommy time’ because when she’s awake, she likes to be the centre of the world.

SleepingSleeping with daddy

She’s very social, she likes faces and patterns and new stuff, and especially trees.


She loves to bath every day; even when she’s tired or crying, a bath will make her giggle again and get her ready for bed.

batch smileHer daily discoveries are each uniquely wonderful and surprising to her. The other day Amelienchen discovered that her hands and feet were connected to her body. Which most of us grownups know is quite normal. But for a baby, this is the equivalent of discovering your car has a built in satnav that you never knew existed.

discovering hands

Another momentous occasion was the discovery that her hand can replace a dummy in emergency situations. This is also how we tell how hungry she is. One finger, not so much, just passing the time – could maybe have a light snack. Two fingers, okay this is getting serious, I ordered like 20 minutes ago, I’m so not leaving a tip. Three fingers, someone’s going to pay for this injustice. Then when it’s the whole hand, that means it’s the end of the world if she doesn’t get fed right now!


If the last 100 days has taught us anything, it’s to expect the amazing. Because MOTHERHOOD – yes ALL CAPS again, is pretty darn amazing, and I am unbelievably happy that we have the privilege to watch and help Amelie grow to become a real person. I will try to share a little bit of this adventure, including some tips for useful things that made our new life with a baby just the little bit easier and more fun.

proud mommy

Stay tuned for more of the adventure!

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