What’s going on inside that little brain?

Amelie is five months today and her all time favourite activity is looking at things; she can look at things all day.


And by things I mean trees. If you’re not a tree you’ll get a strange look. Like this one:

amelie_meWhy are you not a tree? Where have you hidden them? If you don’t tell me I’ll find out!

Then there’s her passion for giving strangers distrustful looks. Especially photographers.

Amelie at Lizzie's weddingAnd of course she is not easily impressed. I mean would you be if you had to deal with these two?


Babies really have no filter.

She often looks like how I feel. 😉  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And this is how she shows a deep distrust of bad fashion choices:“If only I could dress myself”outfit

But despite her ability to look like she’s judging your very soul…

She can still pull off some heart melters.

This is what happens when you put her inside a box:


When she discovered sunsets:sunset

And when she realised that she has nose holes:picking_Nose

And of course, this is her reaction when we showed her this blog post:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Beautiful, pure, I couldn’t care less ambivalence.

I love this girl.


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