If there's no PHOTO…

This is England.

Yesterday afternoon I discovered a very cute part of the Island… a bit unexpected, too. It was the average lazy Saturday – grey skies outside, not willing to stay inside, but not feeling like driving into the city either…


Luckily we remembered a tip of a friend whose parents live in Tring, and who told us, if we were ever bored on an autumnal weekend, we should visit Aldbury Village and go hiking in the Ashridge estate. So we did!


The 30 minutes drive there in itself was worth the trip…along tiny streets that only offered space for one vehicle and made you wonder, what if there was another car coming…luckily it didn’t really happen. We drove across huge open fields with grazing horses and cows, passing very old farms and the cutest tiny English villages.


But the best of all, was definitely the destination: Aldbury Village. No wonder that this place has been used in movies like Sleepy Hollow or Harry Potter. This is exactly what I picture the real England to be.


We hiked through Ashridge estate up the hill, and watched a stunning sunset from above, that felt like the wind blew away the clouds, just for us. Because it got dark a bit too quickly, we did not quite make the 16 mile boundary walk and we also didn’t get to see the famous Bridgewater Monument. That we left for next time. 


We will definitely come back.


The perfect finish of the day was a lovely dinner at The Greyhound in Aldbury – a cute old pub, with really great English food. This place is definitely worth stopping by for a pint or lunch, if you’re ever in the area.


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