If there's no PHOTO…

From Weihnachtsfest to Christmas, a tale of two countries.

Okay here we go! 

Double Christmas 2010! This year was my first double Christmas! What’s a double Christmas you ask? Why do I keep saying double? Well that’s what happens when you have a Weihnachtsfest on the 24th in Saxony, Germany, and a Christmas day on the 25th on the Island (UK).

I’m not going to write so much, because i’m sure you’re all still recovering from your Weihnachtsbraten and Christmas dinners, so I’ll let the pictures to the talking. 

Lets play match the picture to the word!
We’ll start in Dresden, taking in pictures of ‘August the Strong’ with little ‘Clementine the Cutey’. 


On to the Christmas market and the lovely white Gluehwein, and wooden toys from the Erzgebirge,…


… to the frozen lakes of Deutschbaselitz, the Kloster St. Marienstern in Panschwitz-Kuckau and an early Weihnachtsfest with my lovely family, 


…and onto the Island with more presents, iPads, cats and beard hats….

Oh, and a boxing day hike through the wild woods from the Wind in the Willows.
Holiday to the max. Bring on New Years in Edinburgh next week! Stay tuned for those pics! I hear there’s gonna be fire involved 😉  

Happy Holidays,


One comment

  1. Madlen Nicolaus

    Ja, diese Kompaktkamera wuerde ich auch sofort kaufen :)Viele liebe Gruesse zurueck und schonmal einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

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