If there's no PHOTO…

Yesterday, the day of blood, sculpt gel and wine in London

Dear internets yesterday was the day when I dropped my NEW iPhone twice – on concrete. It is really looking like it is been through a lot now.

Yesterday was also the day when I saw William IV, with huge hands, waiting in London’s Stephen Friedman Gallery for me to compare our hand sizes.


In the same gallery, I got to throw some Whisky on a ‘drinking painting’ in the exact scale of the portrait of William IV.


Yesterday was also the day when I found the coolest American Bar in London, ever… with lovely Chardonnay and never-ending snacks…


And yesterday I learned how to create realistic blood and gore effects from a BAFTA-winning make-up artist and a special effects dude – thank you Alejandra’s wrist for volunteering for us.


The blood experiment was followed by wine at the Festival Party in the ICA – Institute of Contemporary Art – where at the moment the Bloody Women events taking place as part of the Birds Eye View annual celebration of women filmmakers.


All of these things were pretty much unexpected when I started the day, but when life gives you lemons, learn how to create realistic blood sculpture on them…


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