If there's no PHOTO…

So long and thanks for all the photographs


I grew up with Kodak. I took my first photographs with an analogue camera and Kodak film. The brand was stamped all over the world on every convenience store, on every bus stop, and in every shopping street. Kodak was photography. And to me the brand always had something more, something magical. Kodak meant memory keeping.

It let me remember my childhood; helped me relive my first trip to the United States, which I spent most of the time looking through a viewfinder! And I will never forget the joy in my grandmother’s eyes as she held her first Kodak Digital Camera, which I gave her on her 70th birthday.

Sure, there were always other brands; more recently, but Kodak was the first, and only photography brand for me. Working for Kodak was always a big dream.

I am currently writing this at my desk in Hemel Hempstead, the company’s sales and marketing headquarters in Europe. I just took the sticker ‘Kodak Girl’ off my laptop because like all great things, there has to be an end.


My draws are empty. My bags are packed. It’s my last day here. This will be the last thing I write on this particular laptop. As I look out across our open plan office, I see some wonderful people that I have been really privileged to get to know and work with. And I think of all the great people not here, at our other offices around the world and at our agencies. 

I am proud to say I worked for Kodak. My big dream came true.

I want to thank everyone who made these last years very special, everyone who supported me, and especially those who believed in Kodak.

For me it is time for a new chapter in my working life, for new adventures, and for new dreams. In two weeks time I will start at Salesforce’s Radian6 as their Marketing and Community Manager for Europe. But before that, I plan to go exploring the underwater worlds in the Gulf of Thailand with my Kodak PlaySport.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you well Kodak!

Thanks for all the memories. 

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  1. Bernie J Mitchell

    When we were young our Mum had a Kodak, that she brought in Germany when she was teaching there. As you say this was our childhood, my first camera was a Kodak, I can’t remember the name but it was flat and took 110 film (?) That was how I learnt about photography and many years later post #140conf I learnt about video-on-the-go with Kodak!Good luck in you new role at the mighty Salesforce.com family – I am sure you’ll tear it up there! 😉

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