If there's no PHOTO…

Escaping Brexit

holiday all stretched copy_0070_Layer 13.jpg

A lush bamboo forest bends and breathes gently in the summer sun. But I don’t hear it.

holiday all stretched copy_0012_Layer 71.jpg

A majestic home built to last, dressed to impress, groans it’s age. But I don’t hear it.


A storm is brewing beyond the lake. But I don’t hear it.

holiday all stretched copy_0080_Layer 3.jpg

Two treasure hunters, X marks the spot. They sing delight. But I don’t hear it.

holiday all stretched copy_0005_Layer 78

All I hear is a world gone mad. Lies, deceit, broken promises. An uncertain future. Brexit. …Thank god for French Wine! Everything tastes better in France. Even Brexit.

holiday all stretched_0008_Layer 88

holiday all stretched copy_0021_Layer 62

So with that bit of melancholy melodrama out of the way. Let me tell you two things.

Driving to the bottom of France (past Bordeaux) is a really really long drive.

Nothing beats a pool, two inflatable crocodiles (and a giraffe) and the company of good friends.

holiday all stretched copy_0018_Layer 65holiday all stretched copy_0017_Layer 66holiday all stretched copy_0031_Layer 52

We spent a week in the company of the lovely Martin, Natalie, Freddy and baby Arthur in a farmhouse in Arjuzanx in the Aquitaine region of France.

holiday all stretched copy_0051_Layer 32holiday all stretched copy_0045_Layer 38holiday all stretched copy_0050_Layer 33.jpg

A week full of relaxation, little beach towns, delicious food, European musings and toddler adventures.

Amelie is smitten with her ‘Fred Fred’. She followed him like a lemming the whole week as you can see in these pictures. She’s still waking up saying, “where’s my friend?” Their reunion will be photographed.

holiday all stretched copy_0066_Layer 17holiday all stretched copy_0063_Layer 20holiday all stretched copy_0009_Layer 74.jpg


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