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Our 5 rules of Glamping

I usually forget and we just stay at home, but this year I really wanted to take advantage of the long bank holiday weekend for a getaway. So we planned a trip to Devon for some Camping or better “Glamping” at the end of May. It was our first test of this new and supposedly fancy way of sleeping outdoors.

It was a wonderful weekend and the great location of our camping spot allowed us to visit some stunning places in Devon and Cornwall. The weekend totally took me back to my childhood.
Here are five “Glamping rules” that we came to learn:

Rule one

Always do your research and book early, to get the best spots. We found a Guardian article about the “10 Best Glamping Sits in the UK” and fell instantly under the spell of Loveland Farm pods. Gorgeous eco pods in a blissfully rural Devonshire setting. The sort of place Jony Ive would retreat to for inspiration. However, Jony Ive probably booked his pod a year and a half ago – we did not and so our pod turned out to be a teepee.

Rule two

Check the weather and have a plan. I don’t care how glamourös your teepee is, when an earth-shaking thunderstorm hit at 2 am, you will feel like an 18th-century sailor making his final bargains with a higher power as the wifi and electric blanket die in your arms. Also, toddlers will apparently sleep through anything – and you will not sleep at all. And a very good plan for rainy days is the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

Rule three

Keep your eyes peeled in Cornwall and Devon. Much like the London Underground – the tiny road-hedge-network keeps most of the countryside hidden until arrival – only offering glimpses of places as you speed past towards your satnav assisted destination. So when you spot something, stop and explore. We found the lovely little village of Boscastle this way – probably our highlight of the bank holiday weekend! Also, don’t take a toddler to a Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

Rule Four

Listen to the locals. They do live there after all! Jeff Griffin the owner of Loveland Farm recommended going to the Hartland Quay for the ice cream. Weirdly he didn’t mention the spectacular views… The ice cream was pretty good too.

Rule Five

Embrace the bio. On the Loveland Farm website “award-winning compost toilets” sounded great. They look super cool, they’re ‘bio’, and as an added plus they’re right next to the pigpen. You’ll feel a real connection to your primal ancestry. So bring courage and a flashlight.
And with that, here are some more pictures from our Devon and Cornwall adventures:

Sunny Croyde

Bude and Tintagel

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