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A German Legend to capture Hollywood’s Legends: Leica M9

When I learned that I would be going to L.A. for Oscar® Red Carpet Bleacher 2010 coverage to capture all the special KODAK MOMENTS for my friends and followers in Europe, my very first thought was, I need to document that adventure in a very special way. And since I am German, why not giving it just another little German touch. So I wrote Leica, if I could borrow one of their legendary M9 cameras to take to Hollywood, since this rangefinder camera utilises a Kodak CCD full frame image sensor. The Kodak 24 x 36 mm, 18-megapixel sensor (the same size as a 35mm, old school, film-based rangefinder) was specially developed for this world’s smallest full-frame system camera. – Just another superlative that fits this extraordinary trip! And guess what I brought with me. Below you see some of my first photos after my arrival in L.A. yesterday.

Since it is my very first time using a rangefinder camera, please excuse, if not all the shots are perfect. 

I am totally overwhelmed by the experience of photographing with the M9. It is completely different than shooting with a modern DSLR. It takes you a step back again, both technically and mentally. It lets you think about the photo, the setting, the light before you compose the shot.

I just love this camera, but see yourself:


One comment

  1. Anonymous

    Gorgeous project! Looking forward to see more pictures of this famous camera shoot by such talented hands. 😉

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