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A Posterous especially about food and wine…on the island

I’m am not, nor have I ever intended to be a food or a wine critic. And I have absolutely no intention of becoming one on this blog… I wouldn’t know where to start! But I have to share some culinary tales with you anyway! Today its all about cheese, wine and an awesome place to eat! That is, if you ever find yourself in London or Windsor…


Let me start with a little advice about a certain London pub, where you should not go, if you have a child: The Marylebone, in London!!! http://www.themarylebonelondon.com


It calls itself the best bar in Marylebone and is definitely located perfectly…but it won’t allow children inside. No matter how much their mommy deserves a drink! See below what happens when you deny this baby a seat in your bar…. 


Although, every cloud has a silver lining, and little Clemi’s mom found us an amazing Fromagerie right next door: http://www.urbanpath.com/london/cheese-dairy/la-fromagerie.htm


I made it my mission in life, to test all their 200+ cheeses. Oh yes! 😀

Scary, but I have been living in this country for half a year now and lately become really frustrated by the wine choice in my local supermarkets. I feel like I have tried all of their Australian, New Zealandish, Chilean or South African wines and have found none I really liked …but… as I type this I have an absolutely delightful Spanish white wine in my hand called “Perla del Mar”… and I found it in a cute little wine shop in Windsor that even lets you do taste tests… So we did. Several times. Which is maybe why we left with 12 new great Italian and Spanish bottles of wine in our arms…


Needing to match this culinary delight in the food department, we wandered the streets of Windsor, until we happened upon a little place by the river…even called “River House”, warmed by the afternoon sun.


And their food was to die for! Look at the below for a starter!


We ordered bread, and we got this!! I don’t even know what that is! But it was a round something…still warm and tasted like……… some English word I have yet to learn that means double spectacular or better! So if you’re in the area, go there! And avoid that bar in Marylebone at all costs! Rather eat some cheese next door. Especially if you have babies with you. 


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  1. Madlen Nicolaus

    Thomas, bisher hab ich mich da noch nicht hingetraut…wegen des Schnecken-Porridge 😉 aber es steht ganz weit oben auf der Liste!

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