If there's no PHOTO…

New days…old memories…the Lion Park in Johannesburg with the #KodakSA group

Our second day in South Africa is ending. It was a very special one for me, since it took me back to the place where my love for this country initially started…


It is almost 8 years ago, when I came to South Africa for the very first time to do an internship for the PR agency Z PR in Bloemfontein for 6 months. Henry, from the Technikon in Bloemfontein and host for the international interns, picked me up at the Jo’Burg airport and took me straight to the Johannesburg Lion Park – before we hit the road towards Bloem and before I could even really understand where I was. So I experience the wild for the first time…sort of… At least I had the chance to take some nice ‘African pictures’ to send home.


Today I am back again in Jo’Burg, together with 7 international bloggers … and not much changed – well, besides the ‘World Cup Madness’ everywhere. And again, the first place our host Alfred – “Mr. Kodak in South Africa” – took us, was the Lion Park just outside of Johannesburg … to give the bloggers some stunning photo opprtunities and to see and even touch the ‘wild’ kind. One lion even tried to eat one of our cars and started chewing one of Alfreds South African flags…


Definitely an adventure.

I can not wait for tomorrow, when our journey will take half of our entourage to Durban and the other half to Cape Town for some more South African excitement…


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