If there's no PHOTO…

Stonehenge, street pigs, White Cliffs and the best UK beach ever!

It’s amazing what you can do on this island in just one weekend…


You can visit one of the oldest prehistoric sites in the world and World Heritage Site – Stonehenge – where we filmed this Stop Motion Video:


Stonehenge Stop Motion! from Matthew Snyman on Vimeo.
…and then, just a few miles later, almost drive over dozens of pigs, ponies, donkeys and cows that roam free within the open New Forest. I think I have never seen anything like this before – Such a strangely beautiful forest with some beautifully strange animal customs.
That was totally my highlight of the day.


Then it was on to watch the sunset in Bournemouth at one of the best beaches in the UK, or more precisely, in Boscombe.


There they even tried to build Europe’s first artificial surf reef, as this 7 miles of beach just seemed perfect for it and could have attracted so much more tourists. But they haven’t worked out all the glitches yet.
It’s still in beta testing, and the waves haven’t buffered, yet. Still, the largest and ‘beachiest’ beach I have seen in the UK so far.


The next day our road trip took us only two hours eastbound along the coast to Kent and the impressive and dramatic White Cliffs of Dover to put our toes into the water…


…and to have dinner in the peaceful beach town Hythe – with more the typical British stony beach.


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