If there's no PHOTO…

Cardboard Box Chevy



Last weekend a double garage in Chalfont St. Peter was turned into a film set. But not just any film set, one with the most wonderful cardboard car in the world, two cute child actors and three imaginative characters: a panda, a fighter pilot penguin and a pirate mouse. How could you want more?!


I had the fortunate task to document everything for the behind-the-scenes video and to keep everyone fed and happy.


It was a fun weekend, with an amazing crew, happy to eat the food I made 😉



Surprisingly the cardboard car, which was built over the last two weeks in our hallway at home… managed to withstand two child actors in it for two days…and is still in good condition. So kids out there, if you not allowed to drive yet, I recommend one of these, they’re really a lot of fun and they can take you on amazing road trips, too. 😉


I will show you what I mean by that in a few weeks time, when @MattSnyman shares the final ad…plus we’ll also share the behind-the-scenes making of…



So watch this space and follow the Hashtag: #CardboardboxChevy



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