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Filling our world with music


“Do you like Music” was a tweet I received from Timo Pelz at the end of last year. What a question! Of course, I like music. He then promised me a surprise… I thought it would be a DVD or a CD or something, but I certainly did not expect what arrived at my desk a few weeks ago:


My colleagues at work must have thought I changed jobs and this was a down payment! 😉 Anyway I loaded these exotic looking boxes in the car, and since then, our home has been filled with music, literary.


I have to admit it felt quite strange to get such a big expensive thing for testing. Usually, it’s me, who sends out cameras, film or printers to bloggers for review. So I guess it was about time I got something back! 😉


Admittedly, I didn’t know what a SONOS PLAY:3 was… We normally listened to music through the speakers of my MacBook, via a Logitech computer sound system, or simply straight through our iPhone speakers… So we might not have been ready for SONOS, but SONOS was ready for us.


After we plugged the SONOS speakers and router in, we were greeted with instant wireless access to the entire music world via our smartphones – with amazing sound.


We placed the router and one of the speakers in the living room and the other one in the bedroom so we could wake up to our favourite sounds. I love this! Finally, I can listen to FM4 Sunny Side Up on Sundays mornings again, just like in Munich!


It also meant I could finally throw out that old boom box CD radio that had been gathering dust in the corner. Does anyone actually use CDs anymore?


The SONOS system is similar to the Xbox Kinect’s app marketplace, where you can access video content through LOVEFiLM or Netflix – except with music. Connecting the system to your iPhone takes barely a minute and then you are ready to listen to your favourite music on last.fm, Stitcher Smart Radio or Spotify, (which we are subscribed to). You change the song or volume on the SONOS app and the speakers adjust accordingly.


Now it is really just about finding good new music! Any recommendations are most welcome!


You can also connect it to your music library on your computer. It works super easy for the PC, but I still haven’t managed to connect it with my music library on my Mac. I always get the same error message. Not even the SONOS help forum had an answer for me. I tried all their suggestions – same result. So if anyone has experienced the same problem and has a solution, please let me know.


I like the way it looks too. Elegant and Functional. Very German actually! ;D


So, yes Timo, you were right. SONOS is something you need to experience.


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