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8 Tips For Creating Shareable Photos

I love taking photos of absolutely everything and share a lot of them online.

However, tens of thousands of new images are posted on social networks and blogs every minute, so how you make yours stand out?!

At yesterday’s London Bloggers Meetup – The Photography Edition – I presented eight photography tips and learnings from my most popular shots. They went down quite well, so I thought I’d share them here, too. 

Number 1: Be Prepared For Photo Taking Opportunities.

No matter which device you prefer, have it handy and charged as you never know when a photo taking opportunity might occur. And of course your mobile phone means you can share them straight away!




Number 2: Make Use Of  Software Filters And Apps.

Lately I find myself taking most of my photos with my iPhone as it’s always with me. It fits in every handbag and there are many software filters and apps available that help me take great photos even without my DSLR.

My all time favorite iPhone Photo Apps are Instagram, Best Camera, Adobe Photoshop Express, Hipstamatic, Autostitch Panorama and IncrediBooth.




Number 3: Invest In Additional Lenses. 

If software filters aren’t quite good enough for your smartphone and you, I recommend you to get one of these ‘One-Size-Fits-All Lenses’ – like the olloclip. It will expand your photo-taking repertoire by at least 3 lenses: Macro, Fisheye and Wide Angle!





Number 4: Change The Perspective.

The difference between a good photo and a great photo is perspective.

Are you photographing your subject in a unique and interesting way?

Play with your environment and make something worth sharing.




Number 5: Play With The Rules.

I recommend you to learn the rules of photography, but don’t be afraid to break them: Shoot directly into the sun, shoot while throwing your camera, take photos from underwater, through magnifying glasses, plastic lenses, at night, with long exposure or light writing! You never know how a perfect photo might be captured.




Number 6: Sum It Up With Your Images. 

Have you been on a holiday, at a concert, to a party or an exhibition? Try and express the situation, the feeling, the atmosphere in one photo that sums up what you will remember best about the event.




Number 7: Share Wisely.

Share only a few photographs rather than 50, otherwise people might get bored and turn away. Make sure you add value to the conversation.

Think about yourself: Which images get your attention?

Do you like taking photos of your food, too? Use them to recommend restaurants or dishes to others via Foursquare or Foodspotting.



Number 8: Engage With Others.

The more you interact and engage with other people’s photography, the more they’ll engage with yours. Join a community, do photo challenges, and build a following on Instagram.

If you tag your Instagram photos with a specific #hashtag you can use Instagrid or Gramfeed to instantly create galleries and keep track and share sets of photos for yourself, your holiday, a conference or event.




A picture is worth a thousand words. Guess that means a thousand pictures are worth a million words. Now that’s a conversation.

However, the quality of your conversation depends on the quality of your pictures!  


Now get ready and start experimenting with your photos and don’t forget to share the best ones!

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  1. Great post @madleeeen – Inspirational #socialphotography – I saw someone using the AutoStitch Panorama at the Hackney Weekend last week – amazing, I’m definitely getting that right now.

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