If there's no PHOTO…

An Olympic Adventure

They say that The Olympics is a once in a lifetime experience. They say that if it comes to your city you should greet it with open arms and an open heart. It will fill your nation with pride, and will present your city to the world.  

What they don’t say is that it’s easier to grow wings and fly than it is to get any sort of ticket worth getting! We went through three rounds of a ticket lottery in order to get our £100 tickets for Diving on a Thursday morning!


Our seats were also expertly positioned behind a lighting rig at the other end of the Aquatics Centre (in the nosebleed seats). 


For any other event, on any other occasion, we would cry foul and possibly growl. But for this, the one and only London Olympics I expect to see in my lifetime, we did what the British do best; we kept a stiff upper lip, and enjoyed the long distance splashes as the Divers hit the water. (luckily we had our binoculars and some zoom lenses with us)


And when I say we kept a stiff upper lip, what I mean is we eventually kept a stiff upper lip, but only after trying to claim some better seats twice. (The efficient German way) What I learnt was that the British don’t do that, and their lips get extra stiff if anyone tries. 

It was well worth taking the day off for, and just seeing this amazing whale-like Aquatics Centre doing what it was built to do. The atmosphere was electric, so many smiling faces! 


I really got into the spirit of the Olympics and can now say that I own the full Team GB running kit. (I plan to trick people into thinking I’m an Olympian on my morning runs.)


You could say the Olympics are not all flowers and rainbows, however they are actually all flowers! The Olympia Park in London should win awards as bee-ing the most bee-friendly Olympics ever!


The Olympic park itself was basically thousands of people all going in one direction like some sort of massive queue. No wonder the Londoners had such a good time!


The Games Makers (volunteers) were all so helpful and the whole experience left me with an even greater love for this fine city of London. GO TEAM GB!


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