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Double Christmas 2nd Edition


Another year, another Weihnachtsfest streched across two countries, two families, a goose and a turkey. Double the food, double the presents, double the fun.

So lets start in Germany, with trips to see old friends,  several visits to the many Dresden Christmas markets, and to drink lots of my favorite of all mulled wines – the white one from Schloss Wackerbarth.




We also had time to see a bit of my old Heimat and did a trip to the Bastei – a spectacular rock formation towering 194 meters above the Elbe River in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.  It’s been a tourist attraction for more than 200 years. My family used to come here often for hiking …and I almost forgot how beautiful it is! We were lucky to choose the right day with at least a few sunny spells. It truly looks like in a fairytale or as Matt put it “…like some awesome place in China…that we still have to visit…” 




In the Bastei, you can also visit Neurathen Castle, the largest rock castle in Saxon Switzerland.

And it is great for climbing, and is only an hour away from my parents… Perfect!















You can even go there via paddle steamer on the river Elbe…just in case you are now planning a trip in the area. 😉


 Well and after lovely German Christmas celebration…with funny hats and socks…


…we headed back to the Island for our Xmas 2011 round two: With a turkey instead of a goose and watching The Gruffalo fairytales the British version of Shrek and totally lovely – instead of Weihnachtsgans Auguste (Christmas Goose Auguste).




I hope you also had some relaxing and joyful time with your loved ones.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays!!

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